About: Vision and Mission

Our vision is to value time equally and increase access to wealth & community.

Our mission is to create a community-wide circle of giving to encourage people to share their talents and receive, in return, help with their unmet needs.

In carrying out our mission, we have identified the following tangible goals:

  • Meeting real needs of people in our community
  • Increasing access to services and resources for all individuals in our community
  • Identifying and putting to good use any underutilized resources in the community
  • Valuing all members of the community, encouraging particularly disenfranchised groups or individuals to identify the value they have to offer in spite of any real or perceived limitations
  • Enabling a way of giving and receiving that encourages neighbors helping neighbors
  • Creating connections and new relationships through the sharing of skills
  • Strengthening our community based on reciprocity and equality

More information is included our Handbook, including the operational details and organizational roles to effectively support a structured program that is also flexible to meet specific neighborhood goals.

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What values underlie all this and make it work?

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