Bartering for knowledge with shared values – Trade School Indianapolis

If you weren’t already aware and excited, Indianapolis has a thriving Trade School – which is an alternative, self-organized school that runs on barter. Trade School is a national movement with a similar foundation and principles to TimeBanking, focused on sharing ideas, skills and knowledge among individuals in our community.

Take a class with a range of specialized teachers in exchange for basic goods or services!

More information on Trade School Indy can be found here.

The schedule for their upcoming Winter Semester (with classes starting December 9th) can be found here.   Some of this semester’s instructors met last night for an “open house” and get acquainted gathering. The schedule of classes was also “posted on their wall” – though it wasn’t on Facebook! 🙂  They used good old fashioned chalk – to encourage good old fashioned learning and connections!

Trade School Indy's upcoming Winter Class Schedule
Bartering for knowledge! Trade School Indy’s upcoming Winter Class Schedule. Click photo for more information!

Todd Fuqua (from TimeBank Indy) will be facilitating one of the classes in January on Building Abundant Community.  We’ll explore TimeBanking as one approach to highlighting and encouraging deeper, richer and more authentic life in community.
Some of the other upcoming class topics include:

  • Resume Writing Workshop
  • Backyard Chicken Keeping Basics
  • Living With Less Life-Hacks
  • Hand-Stitching a Modern Felt Throw Pillow
  • A Bartering Workshop
  • Beginning Knitting, Part 1
  • Poetry for Anyone and Everyone
  • Integrated Yoga
  • Retirement Planning for Millennials
  • Chicago: A Guide to Spending a Weekend in the Windy City
  • Building an Abundant Community: Timebank Indy
  • The Basics! Handsewing for Real People
  • Marvel Print to Screen Pt. 1: Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies
  • Intro to Card Making
  • Developing Ideas for Social Good
  • Other Economies are Possible! Solidarity Economics
  • Winter Wellness: Chinese Medical Wisdom for a Healthy and Holistic Winter
  • and more…

If you’re interested in learning more, please check out Trade School’s website!  Let’s support alternative approaches to sharing and building community!

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