Fixing the Future: Timebanking

I came across this summary clip from a recent documentary on “Fixing the Future.”  Timebanking was featured as one of several ways to do so…

The complete documentary is available on Amazon, among other places….


R – E – S – P – E – C – T

We respect where people are now, in this moment. Everyone matters, has something to offer as well as unmet needs. When respect is denied to anyone, we all suffer.

Update on our launch timelines and plans! (Aug 4)

We hope you find this information helpful. In this update, I’d like to share 4 main themes: Strong Core Team, Ready to Launch… The Impact of our efforts so far… Where are we now with our timelines/launch plans? Meanwhile, the system is active and usable! 1. Strong Core Team, Ready to Launch… Since early 2015, a … Read more

Showing your affiliation with our Organizational Partners

The following organizations have joined our community Time Bank as Partners, helping Indianapolis to value time equally and increase access to wealth and community. Keystone Pledge of Resistance Food Not Bombs Indianapolis Indy Art | Media Co-op Keystone-Monon Community Garden Midtown Vineyard Church Each of our Organizational Partners have a membership account in our Timebank, with their … Read more

Updates to our launch timeline…

Here is our updated Project Plan: We have approved by-laws, an interim Board of Directors, and a startup budget.  You can make tax-deductible donations on our website… We will be scheduling more Information Sessions to learn about TimeBanking in July & August, as well as our first Orientation in early August! If you’d like to be involved … Read more

Does Your Organization Need Volunteers?

We can help! TimeBank Indianapolis provides a mechanism for organizations in need of assistance to connect with people who can provide it. TimeBanking has helped organizations like yours to: transport clients design promotional materials man phone-a-thon phones clean, paint and repair facilities provide companionship to clients help clients around the house landscape and maintain building … Read more

Limited time offer: Organizations receive complimentary “Partnership Level”

As we launch Time Bank Indianapolis and plan for orientations in July and August, we are inviting local organizations to join. Time Banking can be an effective way to find volunteers. Time Credits are a great way to reward existing volunteers. Time Banking is also a great way to sponsor projects to solicit volunteers to help out … Read more

Seeking Board Members!

We are actively looking for interested individuals to join our regular Board of Directors, to establish our leadership for our first 3 years (staggered terms). We will also need Committee members (non-Board members), and interested individual in our Board of Advisors (see our By-Laws for more information. This is an exciting opportunity to get involved “on … Read more

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