How does it work? For Organizations

Does Your Organization Need Volunteers, or a Better Way to Thank Existing Volunteers?

We can help! TimeBank Indianapolis provides a mechanism for organizations in need of assistance to connect with people who can provide it. TimeBanking has helped organizations like yours to:

  • transport clients
  • design promotional materials
  • man phone-a-thon phones
  • clean, paint and repair facilities
  • provide companionship to clients
  • help clients around the house
  • landscape and maintain building grounds
  • answer phones or do other office work
  • organize and staff events
  • prepare meals for local schools
  • tutor young people
  • fill vacant seats at performances

By using a TimeBank, organizations have been able to:

  • connect with the community
  • save money
  • access a diverse database of helpers
  • meet goals more readily
  • reduce work load for staff
  • engage clients in their program outcomes

To learn more, we’ve created these overviews for your staff, volunteer coordinator(s) or Board:

How Organizations Join?

It is always FREE to participate in our Time Bank.

Select the JOIN/VOLUNTEER drop down menu to sign up as an Organization.

Click here for a guide  with step-by-step instructions on how to complete an online account!

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