I love this author’s “new pair of abundance glasses”

This post from the near-east side of Indy is awesome!  How would our community be different if more of us saw our neighborhoods through a similar lens?



Reminds me of the goals and values we’ve defined for TimeBanking – in particular:

These goals (the rest can be found here…)

  • Identifying and putting to good use any underutilized resources in the community
  • Valuing all members of the community, encouraging particularly disenfranchised groups or individuals to identify the value they have to offer in spite of any real or perceived limitations
  • Strengthening our community based on reciprocity and equality

These values (the rest can be found here…)

  • We all have something to offer: In our “sharing economy” we value everyone’s time equally. Equality helps us build strong relationships.
  • Respect: We respect where people are now, in this moment. Everyone matters, has something to offer as well as unmet needs. When respect is denied to anyone, we all suffer.