Limited time offer: Organizations receive complimentary “Partnership Level”

As we launch Time Bank Indianapolis and plan for orientations in July and August, we are inviting local organizations to join.

Time Banking can be an effective way to find volunteers. Time Credits are a great way to reward existing volunteers. Time Banking is also a great way to sponsor projects to solicit volunteers to help out with a need of your organization…like painting, gardening, clean-up or other special project work, defined by YOU!

We’ve created a flyer to help your staff, volunteer coordinator or Board consider TimeBankingclick here!

Joining is always FREE – but we provide organizations additional benefits at a “partnership” level for a small donation based on your operating budget.

If you join before August 31st we will list you as “Startup Partners” for the first year of our operation, and provide you with all the normal benefits of being a “partner” at no cost – including 100 time credit hours for your use.

If you would still like to contribute to our launch budget, we will process your tax-deductible donation AND grant your organization an additional 100 time credit hours!

Click here for donation information…

Click here for more information on the benefits of becoming a Partner…

Thank you!

Time Bank Indianapolis