Neighborhood or Community TimeBanks within the greater Indianapolis TimeBank!

The following neighborhoods have joined our TimeBank as area or “sub-banks” within the greater Indianapolis TimeBank, helping Indianapolis to value time equally and increase access to wealth and community.

  • Southeast Community TimeBank

We have added these “Community Timebanks” or Communities, which is a drop down list assignable to anyone’s profile – like affiliation, neighborhood, or county, or city.

So, if you are a part of a neighborhood TimeBanks and want to visibly show your connection with them through our TimeBank, simply add this Community to your member profile!

On the Menu Bar and click on your Name (Profile). Then select Connections, Edit Connections and you’ll see them listed under Communities.

When you create Ads for service Offers or Requests, you can “check” this Community Timebank on your ad. Your ad will still be seen by everyone in the greater Indianapolis area.  But, this “filter” allows members in these communities to find and focus on their neighbors’ needs.

Future growth…

As we build out our TimeBank for Indianapolis and better understand what these sub-community Timebanks need, we may also end up adding Organizational Membership accounts for them or for their task forces.

This would allow Individual Members to provide services to or volunteer with these task forces or Community TimeBanks in exchange for TimeCredits specifically from/to the Community TimeBank or task force(s), just like any other Organizational Member.  Individual Members could also “donate” hours from their account to these task forces or Community Timebanks, to help with special projects, etc.

If you have ideas or want to pursue this approach, please let us know at or via our contact page. We’ll also be having more information sessions to learn about Timebanking, and are starting our Orientations soon to learn the software and meet other members!

Thanks to everyone for partnering to build community and value time differently!