REMINDER: Building an Abundant Community: TimeBank Orientation Session (Jan 14th)

For our first orientation session of 2016, we’re partnering with Trade School Indy to host, promote and share a discussion on abundant community, and how TimeBanking (and Trade School!) help to promote abundance.  Trade School Indy is a national movement to create local bartering schools. Indy has a well established Trade School. In general, the goals and principles behind Trade School are very compatible with those of TimeBanking.

Date/Location & Registration

Thursday January 14th
6:00p.m. to 7:30p.m.
Trade School Indy
1125 Brookside Ave
Indianapolis US


To register for our class, please go to and sign up.

Note: this class will focus on a broader discussion of abundant community, and different ways that can be explored. Part of the material will cover basic usage of our TimeBank system, though it is not required that attendees use or become members of TimeBank. All are welcome!

More Information on Trade School Indy

Trade School is another example of a grass-roots, community-based alternative currency. In our case, our “currency” are time credits and our “things to exchange” are our passions and skills.  With Trade School Indy, their “currency” are basic goods and services and their “things to exchange” are knowledge and courses. Trade School follows a traditional 1:1 bartering approach between individuals. It’s another great way to connect and build community, through sharing and knowledge.

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