Scenes from an Urban Farm Co-Op in the making… We had a productive “full moon folic” at the Phoenix Urban Farm!

Phoenix Urban Farm We had a productive project weekend at the Phoenix Urban Farm.  Joe W. has a vision to co-create a co-op based Permaculture Center with community stakeholders.  He envisions a “community engagement center” where individuals can benefit from housing and employment opportunities, using their own talents and passions to contribute to the co-op. For … Read more

How Social Service and Community Organizations are using TimeBanking…

We’ve pulled together information from a number of sources, to help organizations think creatively about how TimeBanking can benefit your mission and programs… How does my Organization “earn hours” to give away?! What are the benefits / drivers for using TimeBanking? Asset-Based Community Development – how to engage those we “serve” or “help” Finding ways … Read more

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