Scenes from an Urban Farm Co-Op in the making… We had a productive “full moon folic” at the Phoenix Urban Farm!

Phoenix Urban Farm We had a productive project weekend at the Phoenix Urban Farm.  Joe W. has a vision to co-create a co-op based Permaculture Center with community stakeholders.  He envisions a “community engagement center” where individuals can benefit from housing and employment opportunities, using their own talents and passions to contribute to the co-op. For … Read more

Why 30 Million American Workers Aren’t Getting Paid

A post shared from linkAges TimeBank, a time bank focusing on honoring dignity, choice and independence of all people across all generations.

Care giving is just one of the services many people are using the time bank for. That work is honored and rewarded within the time banking system. Read more here…

Also, check out the video Time As Money..

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