Scenes from an Urban Farm Co-Op in the making… We had a productive “full moon folic” at the Phoenix Urban Farm!

Phoenix Urban Farm We had a productive project weekend at the Phoenix Urban Farm.  Joe W. has a vision to co-create a co-op based Permaculture Center with community stakeholders.  He envisions a “community engagement center” where individuals can benefit from housing and employment opportunities, using their own talents and passions to contribute to the co-op. For … Read more

Phoenix Farm Full Moon Frolic

The Amish use ‘frolic’ as a description of a community gathering to support a single farm, like a barn raising. Think of it as a way to translate ‘work’ into a creative learning experience where you get a lot done with many hands and build community at the same time. TimeBanking is a volunteer­‐led initiative that is creating a … Read more

Groundbreaking Project for Urban Farm in Indy

Joe W. is building a Hugelkultur at his farm on the near Eastside of Indy. The man has a dream to transform his property into an Urban Farm. This is one of his initial steps towards achieving that dream! TimeBank Indy is partnering with Joe to engage neighbors along the way to co-create this awesome space for … Read more

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