Working Group – July 20th

Please join us on Monday for our regular meeting.

RSVP / details at


0. Social time – roundtable updates, input from anyone who comes.
15 mins

1. Approve budget (copy to be sent in advance). Note this is a budget for Year One, including Launch and Startup. Actual expenditures may be the same, or may vary. This is our best estimate of those expenses.
15 mins

2. Identify income streams / donations (to cover $1500 insurance and any additional marketing supplies) – say $2500-3000. NOTE: could use experience here with GoFundMe or other online funding mechanisms, as well as anyone with strong skills in “asks.” (Xander?)
15 mins

3. Brainstorm startup project ideas
10 mins (ref: Joe Werle)

4. Schedule kick off / orientations
10 mins