Update on our launch timelines and plans! (Aug 4)

We hope you find this information helpful.

In this update, I’d like to share 4 main themes:

  1. Strong Core Team, Ready to Launch…
  2. The Impact of our efforts so far…
  3. Where are we now with our timelines/launch plans?
  4. Meanwhile, the system is active and usable!

1. Strong Core Team, Ready to Launch…

Since early 2015, a strong core team of 8-10 volunteers have been planning the launch of a TimeBank for greater Indianapolis. We had a great Core Team meeting this week, building on our regular meetings every 1st and 3rd Monday.  

Among our startup tasks, we’ve completed the following important milestones: 

  • Formed an interim working Board of Directors
  • Approved our By-Laws and Terms of Service
  • Configured the leading web-based software for TimeBanks
  • Benchmarked with other successful TimeBanks around the country
  • Onboarded 25+ new members interested in a TimeBank for Indianapolis

2. The Impact

With our strong leadership and core team in place, we have already started to lay a strong foundation for a successful TimeBank. 

Recognizing the people who have given time to help startup, as well as securing several initial “Organizational Partners” to use our TimeBank in the community to give back to their volunteers, we’ve managed to accomplish the following in 2015:

  • 25+ new members have joined our TimeBank 
  • 88+ exchanges of services between participants 
  • 200+ hours of service exchanged between participants
  • 500 hours of service “banked” for new organizations  (*)

(*) For our organizational partners, we start them off with 100 TimeBank credits to thank their volunteers, organize group projects, etc. (http://bit.ly/TBI_Orgs)

3. Where are we now?

Our original plans were to have Orientations starting in late July/early August…with it being early August now,” you’re probably wondering – what’s the status?

The short answer is:

  • We will have some “test run” Orientations yet in August, based on what we’ve learned, but will ramp up more formally with Orientations and Trainings in September (so slightly delayed, but with better configuration and information to share). Where we have deadlines or commitments to work with Organizations and Projects, we expect to be able to fully honor those. 

The longer answer is:

We’re heading into the “good stuff” now!

  • We’re building a critical mass of participants and talents to share.  We also have some launch project ideas on the horizon to help local organizations with projects AND find ways to spread the word about TimeBanking.
  • At our Core Team meeting this week, we did some brainstorming on how information is used throughout the system based on feedback from some of the early Organizations and Individuals joining.
  • Also, TimeBank USA is holding a series of training conference calls this week for Coordinators and Administrators, to get us better grounded in the version (CW3) of the TimeBank software we have been using throughout our launch. 
  • We’re also ready to launch an IndieGoGo Fundraising Campaign, that will help with some of the startup costs.  The IndieGoGo campaign will help make our fundraising efforts more formal and public, using some of these “crowdfunding tools” on the web. Look for more information soon…
    • You can make a donation now via our website. Your donation is welcome and is tax deductible!

4. Meanwhile, the system is active and usable, so we encourage you to keep trying it out — you’re welcome to post Ads for Services (Offers or Requests), update your Talents and Profile/Availability, and/or look for other ways to engage members and partner organizations.    

If you have any questions or needs, please contact us either via our Facebook Page, or our Web Page (using the Contact form). 

Thanks for your interest in TimeBanking,

Todd Fuqua, on behalf of our interim Board of Directors and Core Team