Welcome to 2 new Organizational Partners: ABT Partners and Phoenix Urban Farms

ABT Partners  and Phoenix Urban Farms have joined our Time Bank at the Partnership Level, with all of the assigned rights and benefits.

You can earn TimeBank credits as you volunteer with the organization and/or with their projects…then use your earned credits for services from other members. And the giving circle continues…

You can also support the organization’s projects by “donating” surplus TimeBank credits from your account to theirs as another way of “paying it forward.”

Additionally, all of our Organizational Partners are included as “Affiliations” which is a drop down list assignable to anyone’s profile – like neighborhood, or county, or city.  

Within our TimeBank:

  • Go to the Menu Bar and click on your Name (Profile):
  • Select Connections, Edit Connections, Affiliations
  • Mark their listing to your profile, to show your connection

Welcome, and thank you for valuing time equally and increasing access to wealth and community!