Welcome to our newest member, Laura. Check out her request for help with a neighbor’s fence!

Laura P. is a life long Hoosier and resident of Indianapolis’ Southside. She is a hairstylist and rescue dog mom, volunteer for Chihuahua Rescue Indiana – Indianapolis chapter.

She came to TimeBank Indy with following request:

Through the Nextdoor app I saw resident in another neighborhood had his fence demolished by a drunk driver and the cost of his homeowners insurance deductible would not be higher than the cost of the fence repair, but the repair is too costly to do immediately. I suggested we pitch in to fix it and another neighbor said that I should look on TimeBank, so here I am.

I’m excited to help others in the community an hour at a time.

If you’re interested in helping Laura and her neighbor, please contact her using www.timebankindy.org or email us at info@timebankindy.org and we’ll pass your information along!

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